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Obviously, the use of this substance increases the volume of the muscle mass by its effect similar to that of the male sex hormone…

Deca-DurabolinThe anabolic steroids such as Nandrolone, continue to be used among some bodybuilders to increase the volume of muscle mass and also the sports news inform us through this doping substance persists among some professional athletes.

Nadrolona decanoate (Deca-Durabolin) is used by your doctor to reduce the effects of some chronic diseases on the muscular structure of the patient and in the cases that should be dealt with the side effects of glucocorticoids or radiotherapy to improve the muscle deterioration due to some diseases or annotated substance.

However, how widespread is the inappropriate use of this substance among users of gyms and sports centres; the British Medical Journal has recently published a study among regular attendees of gyms in England, retrieved through anonymous surveys, which showed that 30% of respondents it used anabolic steroids and of them 84% regularly used Nandrolone decanoate.

Obviously, the use of this substance increases the volume of the muscle mass by its effect similar to that of the male sex hormone (androgen effect), however, the side effects of Nandrolone decanoate should be taken into account:

-In women using it may develop effects of virilization (male body structure, deepening of the voice, HIRSUTISM, acne, increased libido, etc.)
-In children, early development of puberty and premature closure of the bony cores of growth may be seen.
-Hoarseness can be one of the symptoms of thickening of the vocal cords which could result in a lasting and irreversible change of voice.
-Inhibition of sperm production can take place in men.
-In women can occur alteration of menstrual cycles, especially amenorrhea (menstrual delayed more than 45 days)
-Can occur in body fluid retention
-In people with heart failure, hypertension, epilepsy or migraine may exacerbate the symptoms.
-Possible alteration of liver function.

Deca Durabolin


It seems that every month appears something new regarding adverse cardiovascular effects of anabolic steroid users. This time, the information comes from the University of California, Berkeley.

This time the information relates to a young man of 25 years, slender and muscular Constitution, without prior medical history or significant cardiovascular risk factors except a partial family history that I am presenting at the emergency room with a sharp pain in the chest, strong and distressing episode.

The patient can tell that he had been in his normal situation in good health until the morning of the test, when I noticed a severe fatigue after a heavy workout. It soon began to notice a pain in the chest and went home in his car. But the pain increased in intensity and began to radiate to the neck. He felt nauseous and he began to sweat profusely.

The individual had begun to use Nandrolone decanoate, 100 mg per week, from to 16 weeks. After injecting the dose for 6 weeks, I leave it for 4 weeks and returned to injecting, but this time 200 mg weekly. The last injection had been her 2 days before his heart attack. The reading of cholesterol at the time of their admission to the hospital was 196 mg/dl.

The patient worked well with the initial cardiac rehabilitation and could leave the hospital 13 days. After that complete 12 weeks of rehabilitation participating in vigorous aerobic activity 3 times per week. He also returned to training with weights, but with lighter loads and less intensity than it had used before. Eight months after he had suffered a heart attack, the guy seemed to have returned to normal – reporting that did not have any heart symptoms – and its analytical was within the normal range.

The specific cause of this event (coronary thrombosis) can cannot be determined with precision. However, it is suggested that steroids may have predisposed the patient to that is you produce an accumulation of blood platelet. The increase in platelet aggregation, coupled with a State induced by exercise that could promote clotting, may have been blamed for the problem.

The ability of anabolic steroids to alter the activity of blood platelets is something that should be assumed a major concern, because you can get to put in a State of risk with respect to a series of catastrophic health events, including heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolism to individuals as the case is treated here, perfectly healthy and non high risk populations.


Nandrolone decanoate

Oil solution for intramuscular use
Each ml of oil solution contains:
25 or 50 mg of nandrolone decanoate.
Inactive ingredients: Alcohol benzyl, peanut oil.
Deca-Durabolin is an injectable anabolic preparation. After the injection, the decanoate of
nandrolone is gradually released from the intramuscular Depot and is subsequentlyhydrolysed to
nandrolone. The duration of action is approximately three weeks.
Anabolic Deca-Durabolin profile has been established in human metabolic studies.These
demonstrated their proteinsaving effects and anticatabolic, as well as its favorableeffects in the
in cases of increased calcium excretion and osteoporosis calcium metabolism.
It is unlikely that Deca-Durabolin produces adverse Androgenic effects (for example,
virilization) at recommended doses. The dissociation of androgenic and anabolic effects is
related to the presence or absence of reductase in tissues containing receiver of
androgen. The reduction of nandrolone gives rise to the dihydro-nandrolonewhich is linked to the
less intensely than the same nandrolone androgen receptor. With testosterone andthe
dihydro-testosterone occurs in reverse. This explains the effect relatively intense of the nandrolone
in tissues devoid of activity reductase (for example, the muscle tissue) comparedwith their
relatively weak effect in tissues with reductase relatively high activity (for example, the)
Prostate). Another important feature is that you as a result of its chemical structure,is not
likely that Deca-Durabolin has adverse effects on the liver. No cases have been described in
Cholestatic jaundice or hepatomas. Deca-Durabolin can be used as an adjuvant of
specific therapies and dietary measures in various pathological processes characterized by a
negative nitrogen balance. With Deca-Durabolin as an adjunct of parenteral nutrition, is
they have obtained favourable results. In patients with osteoporosis, it has been observed that Decadurabolin
increases the bone matrix, stops bone loss and reducing fracture rates. In addition
It produces a marked relief of clinical symptoms of osteoporosis, especially lumbarback pain.
Indications and dosage
As an adjunct of specific therapies and dietary measures in pathological processes
characterized by a negative nitrogen balance, for example, in chronic diseases
debilitating, during prolonged therapeutic glucocorticosteroide, during radiation therapy and after
major surgery and trauma.
25-50 mg every 3 weeks.
more than 30 kg: 15 mg every 3 weeks;
20-30 kg: 7.5-10 mg every 3 weeks;
10-20 kg: 5-7.5 mg every 3 weeks;
less than 10 kg: 5 mg every 3 weeks.
50 mg every 2-3 weeks.
For the palliative treatment of selected cases of mammary carcinoma spread in women.
50 mg every 2-3 weeks.
Rules for proper administration
Deca-Durabolin should be administered by deep intramuscular injection.
Prostatic carcinoma or known or suspected male breast carcinoma.
Precautions and warnings
If will develop signs of virilization, must consider is the interruption of the treatment.
Patients with the following pathological States should be monitored.
Failure latent or manifest cardiac, renal dysfunction, hypertension, epilepsy or migraine (or
history of these conditions) since anabolic steroids may induce times
salt and water retention.
Diabetes, since anabolic steroids may improve glucose tolerance and reduce the
needs of insulin or other antidiabetic agents.
Growth stature incomplete, since anabolic steroids at high doses can accelerate
the epiphyseal closure.
Skeletal metastases, since anabolic steroids may induce hypercalcemia and
hypercalciuria in these patients.
Informing athletes that this medicine contains a component that you can set a
analytical result of how positive doping control.
Other sofware related with excipients
To contain as excipient benzyl alcohol, this medication is contraindicated in children
under three years of age.
Side effects and adverse reactions
High doses, prolonged treatment or too frequent administration
they may cause:
Virilization that appears in women that are sensitive in the form of hoarseness, acne, HIRSUTISM, and increase
libido; in children before puberty in the form of an increase of the frequency of the
erections and phallic thickening and as an increase of the pubic hair and hypertrophy of the
clitoris. Hoarseness may be the first symptom of vocal change which can be completed in one
aggravation of the tone of the durable voice and sometimes irreversible.
Amenorrhea and inhibition of spermatogenesis.
Close premature epiphyseal.
Water and salt retention.
They have not described.
Poisoning and its treatment
Although there is no risk of poisoning, overdose or ingestion to the prescribed doses
accidental, consult the toxicology information service.
Phone 91 562 04 20.
Storage conditions
Do not store at temperature above 30 ° C.
Do not refrigerate or freeze.
Keep in the outer packaging.
          Deca – Durabolin 25 mg – box with 1 ampoule of 1 ml containing 25 mg/ml
          Deca – Durabolin 50 mg box with 1 ampoule 1 ml 50 mg/ml
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